IT Support for the Legal Industry


Choosing the right IT team for your legal practice is vital for two reasons:

  • The highly-governed Canadian Legal industry exerts a lot of privilege over client affairs.
  • The protection of client data is paramount in Canadian privacy laws.

On any given day you may deal with real estate, personal matters, estate planning and everything in between. This information would have a significant impact on your clients if you were to suffer a data breach. Unfortunately, attackers are equally aware of the value of data you retain, making the legal industry a high-value target.

Aside from external threats, there are additional security complexities within your firm. Accidental data loss from user error and the threat of losing information from a malicious insider make up more than a third of reported data breaches. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to protect your team.


We’ve got years of experience supporting the applications you use and interacting with their vendors.

We’ll help secure your accounts and sensitive information against cyber attacks and suspicious activities.

We can help migrate your on-premise servers to cloud-based solutions, helping your team operate securely from anywhere.

We will support you in your day-to-day operations so you can focus on what you do best.

IT Support for the Legal Industry

Need an IT Team with an understanding of the applications you use every day and their vendors? We have experience providing Legal Firm IT support for:

Cyber Security for Law Firms

Enhanced security for in-office, mobile and work from home arrangements.

The Legal industry can be competitive and transient, with many companies requiring enhanced security to defend against both external and internal threats.

Legal Firms are a favourite target of bad actors. Hackers will often attempt to compromise email accounts and look for opportunities to redirect large transactions to accounts they control.

We can help keep your team connected and data protected by:

  • Quickly and securely onboarding and offboarding team members.
  • Wiping company data from departing employees devices.
  • Enhancing phishing detection to block or notify on emails that impersonate trusted senders.
  • Monitoring for suspicious activities by insiders including mass deletes, mass downloads and insecure sending of sensitive information.
  • Protecting against external attackers with multi-factor authentication, single sign-on and conditional access.

How do we support & secure your business?

We help your team collaborate and implement best practice security measures. Alongside our 5 star IT support, we protect and support your IT environment in five key areas. These five areas are scored against best-practice recommendations by Microsoft and your score in each category contributes to your Microsoft Secure Score.

Each month we provide you with a report on your Microsoft Secure Score and the measures we’ve taken to improve your security posture. On average, our clients’ Microsoft Secure Scores are seven times higher than the global average.


Our layered security tools protect your computers and mobile devices from unauthorized access and control. We apply policies to devices that hold your company data to ensure it’s encrypted and can be wiped when necessary.


We apply controls to monitor and protect your data from unauthorized access or deletion. Sensitive data types can be prevented from leaving the organization via insecure methods, and suspicious behaviours are highlighted and investigated.


We secure your accounts against compromise using multi-factor authentication, single-sign on and conditional access. This ensures that your data can only be accessed by the right people on the right devices.


We actively monitor your servers and network infrastructure for anomalies. We keep your operating systems, core applications and network devices patched and up to date so your business stays productive and protected.


We secure your productivity apps with Microsoft Cloud App Security. Monitoring for access by infrequent countries, impossible travel activities and unusual sign in properties.


Our 5 star support team provides expert service, advice and end-user security training. Our quarterly IT strategy reviews help you stay on top of issues and learn how best to utilise your technology.

But don't just take our word for it...

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